1. Vernon Evans and Family 1936

    near Missoula, Montana on Highway 10.

    Vernon left grasshopperridden and drought-stricken South Dakota for a new start in Oregon or Washington. Expects to arrive at Yakima in time for hop picking. Lives in tent. Makes about two hundred miles a day in Model T.

    Vernon was a young man working as a hired hand around Lemmon, South Dakota, when the Depression hit. He was let go and couldn’t find other work. So, Vern, his wife Flora, her sister, her brother and another friend left for Oregon where other friends were already living. Vern was lucky to find a job with the railroad the first day they were in Oregon. Vern and Flora lived in Oregon for nine years until his dad died. The returned to the farm in South Dakota and stayed. But the other people on the trip stayed in Oregon and only returned for visits.