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A gorgeous spring evening in South Dakota!

Chris Owen


Fridge. #ranchlife #ranchhorse #ranchlands #southdakotaisbeautiful #southdakota #horse #love #sky #landscape and yes, you can buy prints. :-)


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An 1898 photochrom of a round-up in or near the town of Cimarron, Colorado.

Drink Up  by Craig Tennant

Clark Kelly Price


Frank Olzer - Local Saddle Maker

A group of men gathered outside Frank Olzer’s shop in downtown Gillette.  Olzer was a local saddle maker with a shop located at the corner of 3rd Street and Gillette Avenue.  The following is written on the reverse side of the photo, which was likely taken in the early 1900s: “George Sproul on horse, Babe Gupton putting rope on.”

*Photographer and date unknown.

Jaws of Hell

by Clark Kelly Price