Tom Berry Ranch

Belvidere, South Dakota 1938

 Empire Ranch

These are the men who drove 900 cattle to California in 1890. Left to right, Chapo Miranda, José Blas P. López, George E. López, Nestor [last name unknown], Francisco Murrieta, man in black outfit is Edward L Vail, one of the Empire Ranch owners, Jesús Elias, Rafael [last name unknown], and rider in black on the white horse is Tom Turner.

Date c. 1890

George Pratt

80 Years and still in the Saddle

Arcadia, Florida

Deseret Ranches of Florida

Video, Florida Cowboy’s Bud and Buddy

Adams Ranch

Deseret Ranch

North Florida Panhandle

Lightsey Cattle Company, Florida

Lightsey Cattle Co

Lake Wales, Florida

Adams Ranch, Florida

photo Carlton Ward

Treasure Hammock Ranch

Fog rises from a cow pasture on the Treasure Hammock Ranch in Florida as NASA launches the Kepler spacecraft aboard a Delta 2 rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station at 10:49 p.m. on 6 March 2006. 

photo by Bob Montanaro

Ode to Treasure Hammock Ranch

John Erikson

The M-Cross Ranch

Lubbock, Texas

photo: Nathan Dahlstrom 

Adams Ranch